My Food Critics

This is how old my little guys were when I started Juicy Bites! It’s hard to believe they are 11 & 14 now.

My boys love food as much as I do! I am lucky to have good eaters (not that I gave them much of a choice in the matter!). I love the reaction I get from them when they are so excited to eat one of their favorite meals that I have cooked. To me it is a big part of the way that I show love for them. Nourishing their bodies, bellies, and hearts with good food and lots of love!

My husband, Hans, grew up eating his mom’s amazing cooking. Hard act to follow! She has taught me a lot and helped inspire my love for cooking  years ago when I was dating my husband. Hans happily eats everything I make with many compliments. Every once in a while he will let me know when I make something that isn’t his fave, but he rarely complains.