My Food Critics

This is how old my little guys were when I started Juicy Bites! It’s hard to believe they are 11 & 14 now.

My boys love food as much as I do! I am lucky to have good eaters (not that I gave them much of a choice in the matter!). I love the reaction I get from them when they are so excited to eat one of their favorite meals that I have cooked. To me it is a big part of the way that I show love for them. Nourishing their bodies, bellies, and hearts with good food and lots of love!

My husband, Hans, grew up eating his mom’s amazing cooking. Hard act to follow! She has taught me a lot and helped inspire my love for cooking  years ago when I was dating my husband. Hans happily eats everything I make with many compliments. Every once in a while he will let me know when I make something that isn’t his fave, but he rarely complains.

2 thoughts on “My Food Critics

  1. Kristin Bunn

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I am new to your blog and I love it!!! I learned about your blog from Ilana because she invited me to her party last Thursday and I was unable to attend because I was out of town. I am so happy to have your blog to give me new ideas for meals. My 2 daughters (age 10 and 13) and husband loved the Halibut tacos last night. I packed the smoked salmon pita sandwich in my 10 year olds lunch today and I just had your green smoothie and pita sandwich for lunch and love them both. Very sorry I missed you at the party, but thank you for inspiring me to try new recipes with your blog!!! By the way, I just started subscribing to Bon Appetit and this months magazine has a really nice cauliflower salad that you may like. I am also going to try the brussel spout and steak stir-fry tonight from the magazine. I also have a really simple yummy kale salad that my girlfriend gave me if you are interested in me forwarding it?! Thanks and happy cooking!

    • So glad you found me Kristin! I will have to thank Ilana! The cauliflower salad sounds great…It is roasted? I would love for you to forward any recipe ideas you think are yummy. I can use all of the inspiration I can get! I just posted one of the things I served at Ilana’s & Darci’s get together. So glad to hear you are enjoying the blog. It gives me motivation to keep it up 🙂

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