The Food Blogger’s Blues

Yes…it’s true. I have the food blogging blues. Things were rolling right along with a post or two a week. I’m not quite sure what happened, but at the end of October the chaos of life with 2 little boys took over. Some how it seemed hard enough to get dinner on the table, much less take pretty pictures of it and write a recipe along with something interesting about why I made it. I have been cooking, I promise! Either I was too crazed to blog whatever I was making or I didn’t think it was quite juicy enough to post.

So after about 2 weeks with NO Juicy Bites to speak of, I started to get down on myself. Day after day I kept telling myself, “Get it together! Make something, take some pictures, and BLOG it!”. To make matters worse, all of the blogs I follow were posting up a storm. DAMN you all for having enough time to cook up fabulous food, take beautiful pictures and write witty stories about it all! I kept thinking that I should just post something so that no one thought I had disappeared. I just felt like a blogging failure if I posted something without a single JUICY BITE! I mean seriously…what kind of food blogger doesn’t post a single recipe in the weeks leading to Thanksgiving? Shame, shame, shame on me!

OK…enough beating myself up. So I lost a few weeks of prime blogging time. No biggie…right? You all haven’t given up on me…right? I am snapping out of my funk and getting busy in the kitchen (cooking, that is :)). I had a great week off of domestic duties for Thanksgiving. My family and I spent the week at my mother in law’s house in the bay area. She cooks up an amazing Thanksgiving dinner. I have yet to host my own, but when I do…I have all of her fabulous recipes to use. I had plenty of time to browse her large collection of cookbooks and get some inspiration. I will be a busy blogger again! Food blogging blues BE GONE!

Stay tuned for a delicious dinner idea coming soon…Lemon & Artichoke Chicken.






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